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The Holes Binding Us Together cover Thumb

The Holes Binding Us Together

by Vincent Berg

Published: 2020-03-20. 73,500 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary

Peg has danced around holes her whole life, and not just those on the sidewalks she plays on. Threatened, she ventures inside the things she fears, discovering situations she can’t comprehend. Are the holes a blessing, a curse, or a sign of impending mental illness?


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Summer School cover Thumb

Summer School

by Millie Dynamite

Published: 2020-02-29. 6,108 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories

Loneliness; it’s a strange creature. Attraction; this being is hard to define, difficult to predict. Case in point, two people — one young, the other middle-aged. One has their whole life in front of them, the other is stuck in neutral. Both share loneliness … both need something. Both think of the other, and yet neither knows of the other’s interest.


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In the Arms of the Succubus cover Thumb

In the Arms of the Succubus

by Millie Dynamite

Published: 2020-02-27. 3,640 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Dark

“In the Arms of the Succubus,” a wonderful, somewhat spooky tale in Millie’s Vast Expanse. Come along for a delightful visit to a far-flung past. We travel across the sea to a pleasant seaside village. As the sunlight fades, something rolls in with fog. The ephemeral creature who accompanied the fog titillates and tempts the most stoic of the villagers.


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