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The Holes Binding Us Together

by Vincent Berg

Published: 2020-03-20. 73,500 Words.

ISBN: 9781941498460

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

Peg has danced around holes her entire life, and not just those in the sidewalks she plays on. Faced with danger, she ventures inside the items she fears most, discovering things she can’t comprehend. As the dangers mount and her home becomes unsafe, will the holes in her life make her whole, or consume everything they touch? While providing a ready escape, do they also prevent her from maturing and accepting the world as it is? Leaping from place to place, can she find a new home, a welcoming family, or is she destined to wander forever? The holes binding us together are the many flaws and imperfections which allow strong, permanent attachments to form. Peg and the other survivors of sexual abuse seek not only to survive, but to find new, welcoming homes and families undeterred by what they’ve suffered. This is an odd, quirky book that examines the survivors of sexual abuse as they seek to rebuild their realities while encompassing others. It does this through the off-beat lens of a fantasy of otherworldly magic, where the desire to become whole drives one to change oneself, those surrounding us and the nature of our reality. This story is not intended for actual victims of sexual abuse, as the topics raised will likely cut a little close to the bone. It’s mainly intended for all those children raised with the constant, mysterious fear of Stranger Danger, and how by pulling together virtual strangers, we not only build new families, but develop into more complete, fulfilled people.

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