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Axeman cover Thumb


by Shaddoth

Published: 2020-04-19. 167,000 Words.

rating 4.8 stars (17)

Categories: Fiction » Adventure

On a world quite similar to ours, interdimensional portals appeared suddenly across the world. Along with those portals, chosen recipients woke to find Weapons floating above them. They and they only were able to enter the colored gates and explore. This is a tale told by one of the early explorers of his first year of experiencing new worlds, new friends and new abilities on a fast-changing earth


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Trials cover Thumb


by Shaddoth

Published: 2020-06-24. 21,000 Words.

rating 4.0 stars (1)

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction

This is a followup story In the Smith Household. Book two and an introduction to Sydney Thomas, Smith's latest student.
This is a story about a Genius taking to task two Supers who destroyed a priceless piece of art owned by a millennia old Vampire in his stead. Trials is set in the Smith Household a few years after Catherine Larkin's graduation.
Mind the Codes.


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