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For Mayhem or Madness cover Thumb

For Mayhem or Madness

by Nathan Everett

Published: 2020-09-30. 37,500 Words.

Format: EPUB   Kindle

Categories: Fiction » Mystery » General

Computer forensics detective Dag Hamar is on the loose again. This time FinCEN has contracted him to find a computer hacker creating havoc with national security and eliminate the threat. The guy is so good, he’s even claimed credit for a hack Dag committed! Dag simply must meet Hacker X. Wherever in the world the chase takes him. Sequel of For Money or Mayhem.


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A Place at the Table cover Thumb

A Place at the Table

by Nathan Everett

Published: 2020-12-22. 94,000 Words.

rating 4.0 stars (2)

Format: EPUB   Kindle

Categories: Fiction » Literature

In an alternate universe, America has a clearly defined class structure with classes determined by the educational system. In this universe half a century ago, a young Leader named Liam Cyning reached his majority. His newly appointed personal assistant, an Advisor named Meredith Sauvage, has her work cut out for her in helping him realize what his class means—to him, to her, and to the world.


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