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by David Holmes

Published: 2017-06-20. 556,647 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 7

Magic is all around you. Most of you don’t see it and will never see it, not without some very expensive and large scientific apparatus. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist of course, just that most people aren’t equipped for it. We call it magic. I guess a scientist would call it something else.
Magicians walk among you, influence you and defend you, yet always remain hidden as the world and especially the main religions would not cope to well if it were known magic is real.
Forget all you know, this is what really happened.

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Part 1 of an Excellent 2 Volume [hoping for more] Set

Reviewed it on August 4, 2022

David Holmes has written a well thought out story of magic and a magical society in today's modern world.

The story is well developed and the characters are of "normal" abilities. No over powered critters here.