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Learning Time

by Shaddoth

Published: 2021-11-07. 21,000 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

A young man with a remarkable past awakens his very own super power and tries to use it for his own amusement. Yet he was discovered and now has to deal with the consequences.
21000 words. A short story. No sex.

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Amazing work as usual.

Reviewed it on April 30, 2023

Besides the fact that it is the first 5 chapters of what should be 50 or more chapters long I enjoyed it tremendously. Sadly it took less than 3 hours of slow reading to finish with virtually no chance of a follow-up book if Shaddoth follows the established writing pattern.


Loved the story flow!!

Reviewed it on March 17, 2023



Shaddoth Strikes Again

Reviewed it on February 2, 2023

Superheros (heroines) - Check
MC that is unique - Check
Tightly wound tale that begs a sequel - Double Check

If you like Shaddoth, you will like this story.

Another great book

Reviewed it on January 31, 2023

I really liked the concept in this book. I too think it deserves a volume II at least.


Great start

Reviewed it on January 27, 2023

Hopefully this book will continue

Great short story

Reviewed it on January 19, 2023

Loved the methodical approach towards developing his superpower. Story could easily be developed into a lengthy series. Another winner by Shaddoth.

That more is coming

Reviewed it on October 18, 2022

Can't wait for the next one


Need more

Reviewed it on May 8, 2022

Excellent story and would love this to continue


Short But Very Entertaining

Reviewed it on January 6, 2022

I agree, this story leaves you wanting more. Love to read your stories.


Excellent story

Reviewed it on November 13, 2021

Very nice story and leaves you wanting more.

Typical of Shad’s writing

Reviewed it on July 3, 2023

Great writing, good world creation with enough details to let the readers mind fill in the blanks, and, as usual, a quick ending that isn’t an ending.

Great start

Reviewed it on April 4, 2023

An interesting start. The story begs to be finished. Or maybe it's just me begging. Either way, make it a novel.