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Transitional Adventurer

by Shaddoth

Published: 2021-11-07. 160,000 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

A quadriplegic who lost his mobility in a terrorist attack was given a new lease on life in an alternate world filled with magic and mayhem. But with planning and perseverance, he steps out from the rest and slowly earns his place in the new society that he finds himself in.
No Sex. 160000 words

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Reader Reviews

A very enjoyable read

Reviewed it on June 24, 2024

A great read and a fun coupling of gaming and what a world with dungeons might be like.


Reviewed it on December 22, 2023

Good read


An excellent story.

Reviewed it on April 2, 2023

I enjoyed this book very much. An excellent storyline and well written. There are some minor printing errors but they don’t detract from the enjoyment.

Another Shaddoth classic, for good and for bad

Reviewed it on January 23, 2023

I have yet to find a writer who can evoke the "Gamer brought into the game for real" trope better than Shaddoth. Or who captures the sense of wonder and discovery that make gaming FUN. This story has that, and more. That having been said, I leave the story knowing two things - 1) I have SO many questions I would like to have answered, and 2) I will quite likely see the Sun burn out before Shaddoth writes any more of this story and these characters. Even when one of his characters does reappear in a later story it is never their story again. See "The Smith" and "Trials" as an example. Regardless of that, this was a fine adventure and well worth reading. It was easily worth more than the cost. Thank you, Shaddoth, for sharing it with us.

Excellent story.

Reviewed it on January 22, 2023

Although several other stories by Shaddoth exist in this same universe each are unique, well written, and enjoyable. Like the best authors you can feel yourself in the situations of the main character. Like all great stories as you near the end you want more.


Excellent fantasy/gaming story

Reviewed it on November 23, 2022

I liked this alot! Typos almost nonexistent, the story flows well.

I just hope there are some sequels coming. The protagonist here (and the ones in some of Shaddoth's other works, such as Axeman, Server Change and Hero the Escape) should be moving on to do other, hopefully great, things. I'd just like to read about those great things...!


Very engaging tale

Reviewed it on July 18, 2022

A very engaging tale that pulls you further and further into the Storie with more and more twists in the plot. Hope to see book 3 and more in the near future please.


As allways a cliff hanger

Reviewed it on December 16, 2021

A good story with many twists and turns. But as allways a cliff hanger at the end.


Good story

Reviewed it on November 16, 2021

Liked the premise of the book and am looking forward to the next offering in this (hopefully) series.


Well formed world building

Reviewed it on November 9, 2021

Enjoyable read, but feels like the end was rushed. I anticipate another volume to this story.



Reviewed it on August 30, 2022

The story is pretty developed but it lacks a central plot-line. I would have thought the main line would be how Thomas evolves from an noob to a/the top dungeon diver, but the story ends very abrupt and I don't really know what to think of the role his "harem" should be playing - it's practically an untapped story-line.
So, I would really expect a follow-up volume otherwise the book feels unfinished...


Good litrpg style story, with no ending

Reviewed it on December 18, 2021

I think this is either an early story or an unedited one. There are several homophone errors (principle/principal, etc.) that recur. This happened a lot when Shad first started posting, then I think it dropped off in later stories. So I guess this is either an old story that got posted, or a new story posted without as much review.

Regardless, the story itself is good, and has a few good twists and turns. The technical errors are distracting, but ignorable - nothing is so bad you can't figure out what was meant. One thing I enjoy a lot about Shad's writing is that every story usually contains at least one idea that is new to me. This time, it was "Priestesses pray so we don't have to." I loved that concept. Too bad it appeared at the end, and didn't have time to get worked in to the story.

This volume ends pretty much in mid-arc, so I really, REALLY hope there's a sequel coming soon.