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Helsing and the Tales of Heroes

by CMed (TheUniverseofCMed)

Published: 2023-11-08. 184,000 Words.

ISBN: 9798866665556

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Dark

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

The year is 2012. Earth has fallen into a new calamity. Waves of monsters have risen to ravage the great cities. Humanity is mutating to become ogres, their basic instincts overridden for a singular cause: to conquer the world.

The familiar sense has returned. This is not what is supposed to happen. Our history books do not record such an event occurring, yet it is. The war is seemingly hopeless as the ogres are unstoppable.

But there is hope. Rumors persist of mythical creatures, monsters that fight for the human cause. They appear and disappear at random, capable of decimating the ogre ranks. Yet, in the enemy armies, there are the whispers of a singular leader who rules them all, perhaps the one responsible for starting all of it. A lone human woman fights for her people as Paris burns. It will be up to her and the mythics to solve the mysteries that lie from where the mutagen occurred and perhaps save humanity from annihilation…..

Tales of Heroes is a fantasy and historical story woven into one, consisting of several stories in one book. It is a book of love, drama, action, and sex between those that are human and anthro-alike. Helsing and the Tales of Heroes continues after the events of Ayida-Weddo and the Tales of Heroes. (Main Website) (Gofundme Audiobook Project)

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