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Through my Eyes. Again. cover Thumb

Through my Eyes. Again.

by Robert Hart

Published: 2020-06-25. 117,228 Words.

rating 5.0 stars (1)

Format: EPUB

Categories: Fiction » Mystery » Historical

It is 1962 and Will Johnstone is sent back to his twelve-year-old body. What’s more, he is about to escape his abusive father … by committing suicide.


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For Mayhem or Madness cover Thumb

For Mayhem or Madness

by Nathan Everett

Published: 2020-09-30. 37,500 Words.

Format: EPUB

Categories: Fiction » Mystery » General

Computer forensics detective Dag Hamar is on the loose again. This time FinCEN has contracted him to find a computer hacker creating havoc with national security and eliminate the threat. The guy is so good, he’s even claimed credit for a hack Dag committed! Dag simply must meet Hacker X. Wherever in the world the chase takes him. Sequel of For Money or Mayhem.


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A House in Disarray cover Thumb

A House in Disarray

by Vincent Berg

Published: 2017-12-16. 90,180 Words.

Format: EPUB

Categories: Fiction » Mystery » Police Procedural

Detective Emma Rules is selected by the NYCPD Commissioner to investigate a prominent city councilman's murder. She has to quickly solve the case with minimal staff, few resources and the Commissioner as the prime suspect. If successful she gains the support of the commissioner. If she fails, it'll make the NYPD look corrupt and plunge the city into turmoil.


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