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Penelope, Mistress of the Manor

by Lubrican

Published: 2013-06-01. 130,956 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Historical » Medieval

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

The aged Earl of Haversham was in need of a wife, and an heir. So, he bartered a marriage to young Penelope, and brought her to Farnsworth Manor as the new mistress there. There were two problems. First of all, Penelope liked her former life just fine. Second, the Earl could not perform in bed, yet an heir was mandatory, lest the throne take the land and give it to some other noble. So Penelope, knowing her duty, arranged for the mistress of the manor to become pregnant by other means. She was willing to do that. It was her duty. But she didn't want to wander around a dusty old mansion while her belly swelled up until she waddled like a duck all by herself. Luckily there were a number of young, nubile, unmarried servant girls about the place. So she hatched a plan. She wouldn't BE alone. In the end Penelope transformed the atmosphere of the estate into a place full of love and hope for the future. And all that was required was that she debauch everyone under her husband's control.

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Penelope, Mistress of the Manor

Reviewed it on August 11, 2023



Quite different for Bob

Reviewed it on August 9, 2023

There is an Uncle Bob in it! Never have I had any story expand my vocabulary quite so, porn or no!