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Gabatrix: The Shira Maneuver

by CMed (TheUniverseofCMed)

Published: . 111,800 Words.

ISBN: 9798457278103

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction » Military

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 17

Set not long after the events of the Terrorists of Batrice arc, Javier and Shira enjoy their company together on the world of Aphadus. Things seem to have gone for the better as they attempt to reclaim their lives during a never-ending war with the other Itrean clans.

However, an attempted plot to kill Shira is caught and extinguished. Her infamy as a former enemy of the human race is becoming more and more known. It is time for the couple to find a new place to operate. Assigned to a military transport, it is hoped that Shira's enemies won't follow her. Unfortunately, there are always threats that loom in the great void of space.

Gabatrix is an ongoing series set hundreds of years in the future as mankind settles in a recent alliance with an alien clan to stand against the other clans that wish to see them annihilated. It is a science fiction, action, and erotica series in one.

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