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Ayida-Weddo and the Tales of Heroes

by CMed (TheUniverseofCMed)

Published: 2021-06-07. 202,800 Words.

ISBN: 9798535873039

Categories: Fiction » Historical

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Set just at the near end of the dreaded Liberian Civil Wars, the country is riddled with the living and the dead. The African nation still has many that are fighting to wipe out the forces of Charles Taylor while trying to restore peace and order. The carnage also seems to attract something else. An agent from Outreach must make a suicide run into Liberia in order to find the gods. It must be true. Somewhere out there, the mythics are hiding as humans. Even in war and strife, these hidden mythical creatures reside. The agent feels the sense of familiarity like he had been to this nation before.....somehow.

Meanwhile, a native Liberian flees her captors. Used to fight for the warlord's army, she wants none of it. She escapes with the utmost speed to a place where an ancient power resides.....

Tales of Heroes is another set of stories in one book. It is a collection of historical fiction, sex, erotica, magic, and action in one set. This book is meant for adult reading as it consists of adult-oriented themes, including sex (Human/Anthro) and violence.

This book is part of a system established by the author to help contribute to Liberia and other impoverished African nations. All money earned from the sales of this book goes directly to charity, especially Liberia, which had gone through the horrific turmoil of war. To learn more about this, you may go to my website for more information. (Main Gabatrix Website) (Patreon) (Gofundme Audiobooks Project)

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