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Georgia Moonbeams

by Mark S. Elias

Published: 2021-01-18. 99,956 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-716-21285-7

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 13

Georgia Moonbeams is a story about Alex Jackson, an only child born in the fictional town of Judson, Georgia. Alex struggles with making friends and meeting new people, but all that changes when Allison Moon moves into town. Allison moves into town when her father buys a horse ranch. Immediately Allison decides that Alex is going to be her new best friend and nothing will stop her.

Along the way Allison's father, Peter, offers Alex a summer job working on the ranch. There he discovers a lifelong love of horses. Alex is sent spiraling into depression when he and Allison have a fight. Alex must now try to navigate a new school and new people with no help. Will Alex be able to overcome the constant bullying and attacks or will the darkness of depression be too much for him to fight alone?

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Best book I have read in a long time.

Reviewed it on February 21, 2021

I purchased this book with with absolutely no regrets. It pushed and is pushing a lot of buttons in my life as I read it. I have lost track of how many tears I have shed reading the book. I have now read the complete book three times because I did not want to forget something that had been written or overlook something that I had missed during my previous readings. I suspect the author has probably gone through the same agony, fears, doubts that Alex experienced in the book. It is too real not to have experienced what Alex went through. For those of you who struggle (like me) with life, I highly recommend the book. You won't be able to put it down until you finish reading it for the first time. Thank you, Mark, for writing the book. I really look forward to the subsequent books. May God bless your life and take good care of you.


Tear jerker

Reviewed it on January 27, 2021

I could not wait for the serial version


I was hooked from atleast chaper 5

Reviewed it on January 28, 2021

While the beginning is kinda depressing and a reminder of some of my own childhood I know it at least has to get better (hinted at the end of the posted chapters) if this is to be the promised multi-book saga. Jim(Tenderloin) is editing on this so I know it will be edited well. Cheers, I'm looking forward to the later books.