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The Hawk and the Chipmunk

by Mike Lowe aka The Scot

Published: 2020-03-19. 423,000 Words.

ISBN: 9781387116355

Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

A young programming genius is framed for murder by his wife, who steals all that she can and disappears. Years later, he is able to escape but leaves the authorities thinking he's dead. Assuming another's identity, he finds love, a challenge to right many wrongs of the past and present, and help bring about major changes to this country and the world. He might also get even with his ex-wife.

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How US gov. treats native people's.

Reviewed it on March 5, 2022

It moved well and was interesting.


Unexpected ending.

Reviewed it on November 27, 2022

The book is very good as far as it goes. It ended too abruptly and needs a sequel.