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Haunted Twins

by Lubrican

Published: 2023-08-15. 21,222 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

When the twins and their parents moved into the house the locals said it was haunted. They didn't believe in ghosts, though, so they ignored the rumors. And nothing happened. Until Halloween. What happened then wasn't so much a ghostly haunt as it was a ghostly suggestion. Something made the tins do things they had never done before. Did the ghost have unfinished business? Was it sexy unfinished business? Each year, on Halloween, the twins got better and better acquainted, both with each other and with the ghost, until finally, the ghost sank into them. Or so it seemed. When they left home for college they thought the ghost was finished with them. But was it ... really?

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sibling love.

Reviewed it on September 19, 2023

Interesting change of theme. Usual Lubrican change of pace.


Haunted Twins

Reviewed it on August 15, 2023