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Ice Fishing With the Twins

by Lubrican

Published: 2018-07-31. 62,187 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Adult

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

I watched the twins next door grow up and was good friends with their widowed mom; maybe best friends. None of them ever expressed any interest in ice fishing, which was my passion, until one day the tomboy twin said she wanted to go. She took her hockey skates with her and, after she fell through thin ice, I had to warm her up. We were in a tent, and the little heater couldn't handle what was needed. She had dry clothes, but not a dry parka. And she was in real trouble, in terms of her core temperature. I didn't have time to get her off the ice and to a hospital. She needed to be warmed up fast. So I got us naked and in a double-wide arctic sleeping bag. She clung to my warmth like a leech, and eventually stopped shaking like a leaf. It was late. Her coat was still drying out. I just decided we should stay in the bag for the night. I should have done something else, though, because once she was out of trouble, cold-wise, she got into trouble curious-wise. I had an erection and she did not believe it was accidental. She became a woman that night and wasn't sorry about it. She couldn't keep that a secret from her twin, who felt like it wasn't fair at all and demanded I take her with me the next weekend. There may have been a little subtle blackmail involved and I caved. As it happened, neither of them could keep the secret from their mother. She was not impressed, of course. She was, in fact, pissed off to the max. I was banished while she interrogated her daughters and a couple of hours later I was dragged back to their house by the tomboy twin. They had this cockamamie idea that if they could get their mother in bed with me, she'd understand why they did what they did. I was pretty sure they were insane and didn't particularly want to get between any sheets with an angry rattlesnake. And that's when things got really interesting.

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Reviewed it on September 21, 2023

Interesting story. Twins and Mommy


A cold winters tail....

Reviewed it on August 12, 2023

You'll learn proper hypothermia first aid!


Ice Fishing With the Twins

Reviewed it on August 11, 2023