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The Wishing Well Curse, Spirit of Destiny, Book #1

by Lynn Donovan

Published: 2023-05-17. 62,117 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Paranormal

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Undefined

Zeke Clay is down on his luck. He's lost everything--an apartment, an education, a girlfriend, his job...
When a mysterious letter comes from a law firm in Colorado, he decides things just might be looking up. He stands to inherit a fortune, but it comes with a price. He must break a family curse and restore true love. What does he know about breaking a curse? And who is this Great Uncle Luther Clayton, who claims Zeke is the one? Can he piece together the clues left by his dearly departed?
Who can he trust? What about the Ghosts?
...and why does his three-year-old tattoo bleed every time he gets near the wishing well?

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Interesting and intriguing read looking for next Book

Reviewed it on July 19, 2023

Loved the book hoping for the next one soon

good story

Reviewed it on July 3, 2023

I cried...

You sly, clever girl...

Reviewed it on June 2, 2023

I love it...and for all the right reasons.

Great Read with lots of suspense and heroic action.

Reviewed it on May 21, 2023

Great Read with lots of suspense and heroic action. This melds the here and now with historic influences involving time travel and spiritual reconning.



Reviewed it on May 17, 2023



good read

Reviewed it on June 3, 2023

enjoyed your fantasy


Well written story delightful reading.

Reviewed it on May 27, 2023

Story is well composed and easy to read religious overtone not over done forms a great background stricter is a delight.


Good read

Reviewed it on May 22, 2023

Interesting with a little bit of mystery