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Here I Go Again: My Second Chance

by Liza Devereaux

Published: 2023-05-04. 105,275 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

My name is Harrison Parker, and my life is in the dumpster. I made an offhand comment to my bartender that if I could go back, I’d make different choices.
"If you could go back, what date would you pick?" The pretty bartender asked. Without hesitation I knew: "August 25, 1983."
She sits a slightly glowing drink in front of me. I reached for it when she stops me. “Be sure, Master Chief Parker. If you swallow that drink, be sure you make the changes you wished you made. Don’t take the same path you took before.
“Make a different life, with different choices, better choices. This is the only opportunity you will get to do things differently.”
I looked her in the eyes and downed the drink in one shot. Then I passed out, thinking I’ll do better this time around.

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Reviewed it on March 10, 2024

Can't wait for “Here I Go Again: Our Freshman Year”


Excellent writing style

Reviewed it on December 21, 2023

Interesting story concept and excellent writing brought the story to life.


What would you change in life if you could?

Reviewed it on October 27, 2023

An excellent read,


Interesting story

Reviewed it on October 19, 2023

I enjoyed the story. The repeating of rules get old fast, but that was a very minor issue. Looking forward for the next chapter.


great read

Reviewed it on October 13, 2023

Most excellent do-over


Awesome Read!

Reviewed it on September 24, 2023

The main character often acts more like an adult than a fifteen year old. But there's enough of the boy to make it an awesome read.


How to treat a woman/girl, and stand up for them.

Reviewed it on September 18, 2023

Great read. Waiting for the next.

this is a must read

Reviewed it on September 16, 2023

must read...........


Really great character

Reviewed it on September 7, 2023

Great book but I would really liked to have known what happened after he picked up the clothing from Tabby and the rest of his story.I'm 68 and I would love a chance to go back and change things. Please keep writing you're doing great.


A fun read.

Reviewed it on August 20, 2023

Harrison is a likable character. I’m looking forward to more development of all the main characters. The next volume can’t come fast enough.


Will read again!

Reviewed it on August 19, 2023

I loved this genre

Here I Go Again: My Second Chance

Reviewed it on August 19, 2023

Great story. Couldn't stop reading once I started.


Great read

Reviewed it on August 9, 2023

Super reading, enjoyed it from start to finish. Looking forward to the next book in the series


Not a typical do over story

Reviewed it on August 9, 2023

I enjoyed this story immensely. I am looking forward to the next story in the series "Here I Go Again: Our Freshman Year". I would really like to know when it is going to be published. This book is well written and well edited. I gave it 5 stars because of the way the plot gels into a well thought out story. Not many authors that I have read on the internet can write like this.


Hopefully a never ending story

Reviewed it on August 9, 2023

A ripping yarn wetting appetite for next episode…. Please.

Here I go again My second chance

Reviewed it on August 8, 2023

great story hope the next book comes out soon.

It's a great book

Reviewed it on August 2, 2023

I really enjoyed it wish it was longer


couldn't stop reading!

Reviewed it on July 16, 2023

started reading online...couldn't stop so I bought the I am sadly forced to work on my patience waiting for the next one to come out!!!


One of the Best redo Story out there

Reviewed it on July 12, 2023

I can't wait for the next book.


A wonderful start!

Reviewed it on July 6, 2023

A very well written story and a great read. I am really looking forward to the following books in this series. Thank you!


Love the do-over

Reviewed it on July 5, 2023

Hope the next book comes out soon!


Reading is fun

Reviewed it on July 1, 2023

One of the best reads out there.


When and where can I buy "our Freshman Year"??

Reviewed it on June 30, 2023

I was so into this story, that I bought the book online. I've never done that before. Unfortunately, it left me hanging but wanting to read more for the conclusion to all of "the cliff hangers" this story leaves untold. Maybe the point was to buy "our freshman year" which I would do if I knew where I could buy it...


His companion for others.

Reviewed it on June 28, 2023

Loved it..Keep it coming..


good read

Reviewed it on June 28, 2023

good read


That which we can only dream about.

Reviewed it on June 24, 2023

Great book once start to read it it is hard to put it down,


Great Read

Reviewed it on June 24, 2023

Great story, didn't want to stop reading.


Great Book/Story

Reviewed it on June 23, 2023

Its a great read, i cant wait for the next book, This is the first book i have bought....Loved it


Excellent way to spend a quiet afternoon.

Reviewed it on June 22, 2023

Nothing is quite as thrilling as a do over adventure. Love your situations and pacing. As I read I looked at my own writing and agreed with your story line flow. I am looking forward to the next in the series. Very enjoyable reading. Recommend this to any who are into the time travel genre. Bravo.



Reviewed it on June 22, 2023

I started this on stories on line, got 7 chapters into it, then had to buy it. Worth ever penny.
Well written, captivating, good story line.



Reviewed it on June 18, 2023

I could not stop reading it all the way to the end. Loved it.

Preparation is key

Reviewed it on June 14, 2023

Loved the book


Excellent read

Reviewed it on June 13, 2023

I really like this book. I have always been a sucker for do-over stories. I am looking forward to when the 2nd book in the series is released.

Good Job.


Great read

Reviewed it on June 9, 2023




Reviewed it on June 8, 2023

it was good leaves room for book 2


Great story

Reviewed it on June 8, 2023

Love it Great work



Reviewed it on June 7, 2023

Loved it!


Interesting Ending

Reviewed it on June 7, 2023

Well written, did notice a couple of grammatical errors, but by and large one of the better do-overs I have ever read. Well done.


Great story fun read

Reviewed it on June 6, 2023

I love the fact that he didn’t let guilt rule him, but to direct him to resolve an issue that he later in life realized was a mistake a very poor mistake that he had none of the tools or knowledge at the time to resolve.


Here I go again: My second chance

Reviewed it on June 6, 2023

Great and written well.


Good read.

Reviewed it on June 3, 2023

Wasn't long enough.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Hopefully this will be a series of books.

Worth it, but leaves you wanting...

Reviewed it on May 28, 2023

Really fun brain fodder.
Not thrilled with ending


First rate do-over story

Reviewed it on May 28, 2023

Well done!


Entertaining, well written do-over story.

Reviewed it on May 26, 2023

Great addition to the do-over genre. Good characheter development, good future glimpses without being too heavy handed. Builds a great foundation for a completely entertaining series. Look forward to more!

Kept me reading

Reviewed it on May 24, 2023

Cannot wait for the next book


Great growing up story

Reviewed it on May 22, 2023

This is a great story, looking forward to the next book.

A Great "Do Over" life

Reviewed it on May 21, 2023

Great Story that keeps me turning the pages to discover what underlying values motivates both the good and the bad guys and their friends and families. Keep up the good works.


Exelent book

Reviewed it on May 20, 2023


A good read

Reviewed it on May 20, 2023

Looking forward to the next one.


Not too farfetched do-over story

Reviewed it on May 9, 2023

Very good read improbable but not impossible storyline.


Very good, entertaining story

Reviewed it on May 8, 2023

Very good story. In fact, I read the entire story over two days. I just kept wanting to see what was going to happen next. Very good story. I really liked the characters in the story. I had an old boss that told me one time that his highest praise for people was to call them "good people." This story is full of good people. Although it has many typos, I figured them out and ignored them because the story was so enjoyable.


It is a good start

Reviewed it on May 8, 2023

I'm a fan of the Do-Over genre and this is a welcome addition. I look forward to seeing the story develop.


Great story!

Reviewed it on May 6, 2023

Very well written, draws you in (I lost track of time reading it), and very entertaining.

I can't wait for the next one!!!

A good do-over

Reviewed it on May 6, 2023

Very readable. I ended up staying up till 2 am. to finish the book. Am looking forward to any further books in this series.


Great redo story

Reviewed it on May 6, 2023

I read the 1st couple chapters, then decided that I couldn't wait for the rest. I am eagerly awaiting the next book!



Reviewed it on May 5, 2023




Reviewed it on September 20, 2023

Could move a bit faster


Did be take care of gang of 5? What happen to his father?

Reviewed it on September 10, 2023

I enjoy it very much. I hope you have written book 2.


Great Read

Reviewed it on August 10, 2023

This story was very good, it had good character development, the plot was suspenseful and a nail biter until the end. I am eagerly awaiting the book in the series.


The plot hanngs together well

Reviewed it on August 3, 2023

I enjoyed the mesh of skills along with the personal impacts of his choices on others. Looking forward to additional phase of his new life.


Here I Go Again: My Second Chance

Reviewed it on July 24, 2023

Developing nicely, I enjoyed the story and eagerly await the next instalment


Well worth the read

Reviewed it on June 27, 2023

Well written and got me interested enough to purchase it to read instead of waiting for new posts


Amazing reading.

Reviewed it on June 25, 2023

Looking forward to the next book.


Not bad could be better

Reviewed it on June 25, 2023

The skills that were trained into the Seals are not displayed accurately by the author. Control of emotion and response to taunts in not accurate or how they are trained. but the story has merit and is a good read.



Reviewed it on June 19, 2023

No one who has ever bucked bales (of hay) would ever be so silly as to let anyone try to move hay bales (or work around hay) in shorts and a tub top. It just wouldn't happen!


A pretty good Do Over

Reviewed it on June 18, 2023

I enjoyed it. Flows well, no spelling or grammar mistakes that I could see. I will buy the next episode when it is available. The only thing that irritates me is the central tab on the story. I much prefer left hand or total. Not middle. jh

good story

Reviewed it on June 17, 2023

looking forward to book 2


Good, but a little over the top.

Reviewed it on June 2, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, and can't wait for the next part.
That said, the grammar and spelling could be a lot smoother. I'm not a grammar Nazi, though. I didn't let it disturb my enjoyment, perhaps because I taught upper-grade elementary/Junior high school and separated content from mechanics while encouraging mastery of both.

Interesting Story

Reviewed it on May 21, 2023

The theme was good. More detail is required to make each story line flow better. I think I understand the way the story ended but it was very disappointing. It could have been done better to force you into the next volume. Give more detailed teasers to peek your interest for the next chapter of the story line. Now I am do I want to go through this same thing in the next volume?


Captivating story

Reviewed it on May 21, 2023

Couldn’t put it down.

ending too quick

Reviewed it on May 20, 2023

good but ending to quick


Great story

Reviewed it on May 19, 2023

Loved it unfortunately Robert reminds me of my father,not physically but both verbally and emotionally abusive.


Just my thoughts, I love the story so far

Reviewed it on May 10, 2023

Great so far but a lot of repetition of details already discussed. A mere mention should be enough for future instances when clarification may be needed.

Then some things are sprung up that were not mentioned before like his bike lights. When did he buy them?

Otherwise it is a good take on some previous Do-over stories. Good pace too!

Evil author has cliffhanger ending

Reviewed it on May 10, 2023

Good story. Needs some work on spelling and grammar that through proof reading could cure easily.
That said, where is the next book? I have been left wanting MORE!
Liza has covered about 4 weeks of story. The protagonist is only 15 at the beginning and 55 at the end. She has 40 more years to cover, so pace the action over longer periods perhaps.
But please write more soon, this junkie needs another fix!


It's a fun story. I look forward to the sequel

Reviewed it on May 8, 2023

This is a quick read that is fun and funny at times.

When does the next part come out?


Ok read

Reviewed it on June 26, 2023

Not the best of this genre.


Somewhat graceless ending

Reviewed it on June 25, 2023

I know you are serializing these book releases, but the ending could be tailored to tie some things off for the gentle reader to enjoy, combined with a bit of a cliffhanger to increase interest in buying the next. This one feels like you just picked a word count and whacked it off cold.

All that said, for $3.99 I wasn’t expecting War and Peace, so I will definitely buy the next one if similarly priced.



Good but….

Reviewed it on May 7, 2023

Loved the story and really enjoy the premise.

Got a bit tired of the repetitive rehash of the same story, background to each audience. The reader can follow ‘I told him/her/them the story I’d told…’ Rules regurgitation too much too often and finally ‘wow only 15, can’t believe how incredible you are’, spoiled the story.

Good writing skills, well developed story, would be happy to purchase the sequel.



Good start but goes downhill pretty fast

Reviewed it on July 4, 2023

Liked the start, got the book, interesting setting but than it started to add up hollow figures and the story slows to a crawl. 180 reviews for a mediocre story, honestly ?


I like the story, but the writing...

Reviewed it on June 24, 2023

The plot is interesting, and I like the general idea of NOT making a cliché Do-Over Powerfantasy, but instead focus on actual emotional reasons for a regression. Sadly, this is not written well.

- It's repetitive (CopyAndPasted content)
- It's preachy ("Let me tell you all about my new life rules for the TENTH TIME IN A SINGLE CHAPTER, while you worship me as a hero!")
- It's badly researched (especially for a do-over story)
- It's weirdly formatted (some chapters suddenly centered, and it's hard to tell when the speaker in a dialogue changes)
- It's riddled with typos (stuff that even MS Word should've marked red!)

But most important of all: It handles a very delicate subject with absolutely no depth or regards to people's feelings.

Like, when he visits a suicidal girl after she was raped, introduces himself as the guy with multiple girlfriends (one of which he got simply because she HEARD how awesome he is), proclaims to want to heal her, and... she buys it! No second thoughts, no reasoning, she immedaitely worships the ground he walks on the moment she meets him for the first time. It's absolutely laughable.

All in all, low effort that ruins the reding experience.



Reviewed it on May 28, 2023

This "story" is about one molecule deep! None of the characters have any believable depth. For the main protagonist, you can almost hear the stadium-announcer intoning: 'One man takes on a corrupt town...and takes no prisoners. And the man is just a boy."

Several characters point out the obvious contradiction of the father's actions but the story never makes any attempt to explain the man's motivation. How could Pap-pap's son turn out like this?

The second girlfriend's actions make utterly no sense. Consider, even, the first girlfriend's experience. She is in a terrifying situation where 3 large guys are pawing her and have ripped her clothes. Then she witnesses a guy--whom she only met a couple of days earlier--savagely beat and disable these guys with a bo staff. But she has absolutely no qualms that he did it "only to protect her". A more reasonable reaction would be for her to be deathly afraid of him, too!

Regarding that fight, the author stresses that he is the smallest, weakest kid in his freshman grade. Despite that, he demolishes 3 presumably well-conditioned athletes that are seniors in high school. And then a military hand-to-hand combat instructor. I'm sorry but physical strength actually plays a role in reality and he wouldn't have enough.

And really, are Americans so deeply fascinated with the 'judge, jury and executioner' vigilante?

All in, this story gets a very low rating from me. The main redeeming factor is that the dialogue in the story sounds natural and is easy to read. Other than that, it is just a pile of cliches hacked together.



Reviewed it on May 7, 2023

terrible ending