Liza Devereaux

Here I Go Again: My Second Chance cover Thumb

Here I Go Again: My Second Chance

by Liza Devereaux

Published: 2023-05-04. 105,275 Words.

rating 4.7 stars (253)

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

My name is Harrison Parker, and my life is in the dumpster. I made an offhand comment to my bartender that if I could go back, I’d make different choices.
"If you could go back, what date would you pick?" The pretty bartender asked. Without hesitation, I knew: "August 25, 1983."


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Trophy Wives School: Rachelle cover Thumb

Trophy Wives School: Rachelle

by Liza Devereaux

Published: 2022-05-20. 38,851 Words.

rating 4.6 stars (5)

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Romance

Training Rachelle at the Trophy Wives School to become her stepbrother's breeding slut.


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