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by Lorn Skye

Published: . 46,200 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 17

A man, nearly broken by loss, lives a solitary existence off planet earth in a small habitat he has constructed on the moon. He fills his time skimming, picking up broken or defunct satellites for Space Command. One day, his life changes dramatically when he salvages a ship holding three lovely ladies. Join him as his life changes dramatically and they find a future together.

Set in the near future, this is a story of loneliness and loss, leading to love, even if it is unconventional. It asks us to explore if we have free will? And like real life, not all mysteries can or will be solved. Join us on the journey to Lunar Base and beyond as man sets off beyond planet earth.

Lots of science in this story, and the concepts behind the ideas are sound, even if they are not exactly possible today.

M/F Rom Sci-Fi codes Some sex

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Great storyline

Reviewed it on June 6, 2022

All possibilities in this tale, are very feasible.
Enjoyed the read