Lorn Skye

The Accidental Master cover Thumb

The Accidental Master

by Lorn Skye

Published: . 80,000 Words.

rating 3.0 stars (1)

Format: EPUB

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM

Meet Josh, just an average guy. Meet Angela, a beautiful independent woman. One day they meet and Angela has an overwhelming desire to be a slave for Josh. What would you do if one day a woman showed up and demanded to be your slave? It isn't as easy as you might think.


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Runner's High cover Thumb

Runner's High

by Lorn Skye

Published: . 50,000 Words.

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Categories: Fiction » Romance

Two student athletes suddenly find themselves excelling at their given sports. But wait, they aren't the popular sports! What happens when fame and excellence strikes them? Can they survive? Can they survive without one another? A romantic story about high school love.


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Skimmer cover Thumb


by Lorn Skye

Published: . 46,200 Words.

rating 5.0 stars (1)

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction

A man, nearly broken by loss, lives a solitary existence off planet earth in a small habitat he has constructed on the moon. He fills his time skimming, picking up broken or defunct satellites for Space Command. One day, his life changes dramatically when he salvages a ship holding three lovely ladies. Join him as his life changes dramatically and they find a future together.


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