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Zombie Leza

by Vincent Berg

Published: 2016-11-13. 52,528 Words.

ISBN: 9781950589050

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction » Hard sci-fi

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 13

Leza's an unusual young woman. She lives with Zombies, protecting and caring for them. In an apocalyptic wasteland, where the living are few, she represents a unique hybrid, a living zombie. She speaks with the undead, and can teach the living how to survive. If they can only keep from killing her, that is. Discovered during a final confrontation between a refuge of survivors and an oncoming horde of the undead, Leza steps up, saving the day. She represents more than just another day of survival, but whether that spells humanity's rescue or the future of the undead, is anyone's guess. She may spell redemption and rescue, or their ultimate annihilation. A hard look at the possible causes of the zombie apocalypse and an explanation of the fallout of that basis. A hard science fiction zombie apocalypse.

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