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Georgia Moonrise

by Mark S. Elias

Published: 2021-05-06. 352,845 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 13

Alex Jackson is almost fifteen years old and is one of the most quiet teenagers you'd ever meet. He struggles with depression and anxiety - a struggle that caused him to try and take his own life. Overcoming his suicide attempt, Alex must now face the insurmountable odds of surviving his first year of high school. With his best friend, Allison Moon, Alex must now reach out and start trusting other people. High school will bring it's own set of new challenges, including new bullies, high school sports, and girls.

High school is never easy and navigating it can be a full time job, but Alex has the added pressure of being a respected horse trainer, a job that seems to be taking up more and more of his time. How will that fit into his new schedule, especially when he makes the biggest purchase of his entire life - three horses of his own! Forced into leadership roles that he didn't ask for, Alex must learn to either accept his new role in life, or succumb to the ever present darkness that lurks in the back of his mind.

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Reviewed it on May 14, 2021

An excellent read. Please keep it up!


Great second book

Reviewed it on May 11, 2021

Great read. Hard to put away and do other things.
Eagerly awaiting third book.


Freshman year of high school

Reviewed it on May 11, 2021

Second book in the series. Worth reading. The main characters are better developed and interesting than in the first. Mr. Elias uncovered characters with motivations and desires you can care about. Some odd word choices and phrasings throughout the book; doesn't distract from the narrative. The small number of typo's should be corrected in a future version.
I actually laughed at the author's subtle dig at GYOUNGER's "Stupid Boy-Freshman Year" 'unbelievable' story - all that was missing was the post-hole digger. I compared his own main character's initial cluelessness with almost everything other than horses, surviving bullies at the start of the school year to gradually becoming a wiser and introspective scholar-jock, well trained in the physical and sexual arts by the end of the book and freshman year with Mr. Younger's Stupid Boy - pot meet kettle. Regardless, "Georgia Moonrise" is enjoyable and not derivative.

Looking forward to the next Georgia knight's adventure.