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The Healer

by David Holmes

Published: 2021-04-06. 237,395 Words.

Available as part of The Cure Trilogy

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction » Military

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 7

The family tradition was that one of you had to serve, be it Fleet, Ground Force or Guardian. Kiria was determined to serve yet surprised her family in choosing to be a Ground Force Officer, plus also compounded it by designating her specialist role to be that of a Healer. Not many Healers worked for Ground Force, they tended to work for Fleet in (mostly) complete safety. Yet Kiria knew that it was at the front where her services were needed… assuming she could qualify as a Healer Warrior in the unexpected war that sprang up from an alien invasion of the Empire.

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Great sequel

Reviewed it on March 20, 2024

As the headline says, great sequel. Good narrative, and some great action scenes.


Good sequel

Reviewed it on April 14, 2023

Good read following up on the family and friends of Cure David.