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Prick Van Winkle

by Lubrican

Published: . 186,543 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Comedy/Humor

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

According to legend Rip Van Winkle slept for 20 years. He had a son, and his son had sons, and those sons had sons. What if, what had caused Rip to sleep was something genetic, that could be inherited?
Bob Winkle took a nap one day, but his nap wasn't ANYTHING like Rip's. When HE woke up, he had both sons and daughters, and he had no idea he'd sired them. Come along for the ride as Bob explores a totally new world, with laughter, love and a little sadness in it. Oh ... and sex. It turned out there was a LOT of sex.

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