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Final Cut - Book 3

by C.Brink

Published: . 120,610 Words.

Available as part of "Make the Cut" Trilogy

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction » Hard sci-fi

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 13

John was lucky to survive after the disaster which arose from the expedition to Sri Lanka. Now, he and his A.I. friend Naomi must find a way to use what they learned to take the fight to the enemy. Not only do they have to find a way of disabling the master artificial intelligence in control of the Earth, but they also have to deal with the worse threat approaching from interstellar space. It will take every bit of John's courage combined with the amazing intellect of his A.I. partner to devise the methods and plans which will prevail against an almost omnipotent foe. He must try no matter the odds, as he is humanities last remaining hope for survival.

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