The Pool Girl : Under the Pear Tree

by Leto Armitage

Published: 2020-09-26. 3,068 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 17

The Pool Girl is a romance serial with erotic elements that is being broken up into thee novels.  The first book covers the summer when Robert Carlo meets Melissa Milton.  Robert has lived by himself for over a decade after a disastrous relationship made him prioritize living a simple life.  In an attempt to keep his life simple he hires Melissa to clean his pool daily.  That simple decision spirals his life out of his control. Over the summer his life grows to include not only Melissa but her best friend Lavi Heller.  As the three try to work out their feelings for each other Robert’s life grows to include an ever-widening circle while it is told from his perspective.  This story steps back to before Melissa and Robert become intimate and before Lavi is introduced in the story as Melissa begins to confront her feelings about Lavi.  This story has no explicit content and is purely between Lavi and Melissa when they were friends and before they were lovers.

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