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The Props Master 2: A Touch of Magic

by Devon Layne

Published: . 77,700 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-950183-54-8

Categories: Fiction » Paranormal

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 17

Minneapolis. A Goddess.
The Great Paris.

Serepte Allen is eighteen and has moved to attend college in Minneapolis where she studies flute. The move is not a simple one, for the five witches of the inner circle have moved with her. Wayne Hamel, the Props Master and Vagabond Priest leads the circle in its mission to protect and nurture Serepte.

Haunted by her compulsion to heal, Serepte seeks refuge in her flute music, releasing the pain she receives from others to a new world where it can live as a free and beautiful thing. It has been prophesied that only when she exercises her gift out of love instead of compulsion will she be able to free her father from his prison Behind the Ivory Veil.

Complicating matters, a traveling magician comes to town to perform at the Showbox where Wayne is the lighting tech. His encounter with Serepte is life-changing. It’s as if they had known each other a thousand years.

A demon-possessed villain, trapped at the same time as Serepte’s father, arrives in Minneapolis, hungering for power. Wayne has exorcized a demon before. Can he do it again before the demon feasts on the young couple?

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