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Erica Olafson, Journeys of the Tigershark (Vol 9)

by Vanessa Ravencroft

Published: 2019-01-01. 135,716 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction » Adventure

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 7


The Year is 5026 (Old Terran Time ). The Milky Way Galaxy is teeming with life and sentient species. Earth is now known as Terra and part of the United Stars of the Galaxies, a multicultural mega civilization that by now stretches across two-quarters of the Milky Way Galaxy and has a foothold in the Andromeda Galaxy. There are over 5030 distinctive member civilizations calling themselves members of the Union. The United Stars Space fleet protects this mega civilization against external threats.

Erica Olafson, born as Eric on a cold world called Nilfeheim raised under harsh conditions of a very traditional inward-looking society of Neo Vikings left her planet to fulfill his dream to become a Starship captain.

Erica stands 199 cm tall and weighs almost exactly 90 kilos and some say she moves with the same purpose and grace as a Nubhir Wolf.

Like everyone from Nilfeheim she has a greater tolerance to freezing temperatures and is able to stay submerged underwater for a very long time because of gills and eyes that are adapted to see well underwater thanks to a second set of clear eyelids. His muscles are denser than that of a standard human, allowing her to swim longer and deeper. Due to those abilities, she has great endurance and is much stronger than she looks.

She loves fish, has a very clear sense of honor and hates unfair situations. Even though she doesn’t like to admit it, she carries the same short temper of her father and is more often than not ready to face a challenge with fists or weapons.

She now is aware of the entity inside her, a dark god that grows in power and independence.

Pursuing escaped pirates and criminals she and her truly unusual crew of individuals, she ends up in the Leo II dwarf galaxy and manages to end a terrible threat to the civilizations of the Milky Way galaxy.

While doing this, a network of ancient gates was activated.

Together with her truly unusual crew she once again added new members to her crew and to the Union.

Now Captain Erica Olafson, the USS Tigershark, and its crew are returning to the Milky Way galaxy and a new mission.

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