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Only in another world - 4 - Perro Mundo and Beyond

by Shady Lady Julie

Published: 2024-06-30. 26,124 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

Perro Mundo is doing well but that island is only for women who enjoy dog sex and there is a need for one that caters for couples. Julie enlists the help of Tim and Pam to run Paraíso Pervertido. Julie also decides to expand her operation to include a ranch for belly riding and sends Hailey to join that operation.

However, there are evil forces at work and Julie needs to disappear, potentially forever, but not before she has made sure that everyone is looked after. Only then will she be free to be with her secret lover.

WARNING: If you haven't worked it out already this story involves a lot of dog sex and a multitude of sexual acts.

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