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Gabatrix: The Pirates of Palora

by CMed (TheUniverseofCMed)

Published: 2024-01-29. 160,000 Words.

ISBN: 979-8877691988

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Sci-Fi Erotica

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Set after the events of Gabatrix: Force and Vehemence, the year is 2351. The war wages on as the UWA maintains an alliance with the T'rintar clan. The Aksren and Shal'rein clans continue to serve as a validated threat while the UHN uses its precious time to rebuild and update its fleets.

But, not all is safe in the UWA. In the inner reaches of the Paloran star system, the great asteroid field lies in wait. Pirates and rogues have declared the region as their own in terrorizing and raiding civilian vessels. Corrupt politicians are more common, and the commercial sector is on the brink. A fleet admiral has had enough and prepares his resources to put an end to it.

The Lifen crew returns to confront the criminal elements. It's up to Shira, Javier, and Stone to confront these pirates and make the system safe for everyone before the system becomes too unruly for civilization to continue.

Gabatrix is a science-fiction, drama, erotica, and action series in one. It is part of the Tales of Heroes universe, set about 300 years in the future as humanity explores the stars and colonizes other worlds. (Main Website) (Gofundme Audiobook Project)

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