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Family Matters 2: Hard Mentoring

by Korben Hunter

Published: 2024-05-12. 92,319 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Contemporary

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

This story series is based on the world created in Man of Power. The characters from Man of Power appear here but there are some new characters also making their debut. It shares a timeline and some sub-plots with the main story but has more room for playing around with the characters that do not get enough space on the main timeline. This is a must read for any fans of Man of Power as it shares a lot of story with the main series.

Nidhi Agarwal is a beautiful young woman who is a not-so-distant relative of Kajal Agarwal. Their family has slightly more money than Sonali’s family but Sonali has much more reputation and clout in the Agarwal clan.

Nidhi is not only beautiful, she is also a brilliant woman. She has finished her business studies and now she is starting her business of fashion design. Sonali likes her very much and would like it if she could bring Nidhi home as a bride for her son Guddu. But if you remember from Man of Power 6, Guddu loves Neha Sharma and wants to marry her. The solution is clear. Vikas will check out both the girls and make the final decision. Everybody will have to accept his decision, even Guddu.

In the first book, Nidhi and her parents met Sonali and her family for lunch. They were very interested in having Nidhi become the daughter-in-law of Sonali’s family but Nidhi herself is very much interested in Vikas. In the first story, Vikas nails Nidhi and she shows an interst in becoming his possession. Vikas does not think that that’s a good idea but he does agree to act as business mentor for Nidhi in her fashion design business.

We met other characters that Nidhi works with, many of them gorgeous girls and some of them even know about Vikas. At that time, we were preparing for Vikas' visit to Vashi, to Nidhi’s office.

In the second book, Vikas comes to Vashi and visits NIR Designs. He meets the characters introduced in the first book and also a few new ones. At the same time, the characters in Bombay continue to live their lives and the events that happen on the same day are described in this book.

Thus, the stories of those characters continue and Vikas, in his inimitable style acquires a few more gorgeous pieces to add to his stable. In addition, we get a look into Vikas' past and some of the more wild and kinky things he used to do.

All characters in this story are of legal age. All sexual situations are consensual.

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