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1,000 words - My enemy or my friend?

by Shady Lady Julie

Published: 2024-02-27. 24,976 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

This is a collection of short stories written for contests on a website far far away. Each month the writers are given a theme and they must write no more than 1,000 words on that subject. The story is submitted by the deadline and then after a short reading period, it is voted on by the readers.

I have had a range of results ranging from winning through to not even being placed. Therefore, between each story, I have given a summary of where the story you have just read finished and what my thoughts were about its performance. Then I have given an introduction to the next story giving brief details of what the next theme was. Each story has individual content tags at the start so would suggest you read the introduction and tags first to see if they are to your taste or not.

The title of this collection is, My Enemy or my Friend? When writing to a tight word count sometimes you can pad or contract just by using the right words or descriptions. Other times it becomes cramped to try to get a concept in, developed and concluded before you run out of words.

In this collection there are 23 stories

1.My Name Is... - a young girl enters a lesbian club for the first time and is stopped by the female bouncer

2.3rd April – it was announced that lesbians were to be stoned to death in Brunei should they get caught

3.The Confession – a woman writes about her liaisons with the family pet

4.Jump –the night before D-Day British Paratroopers jumped into occupied France. This is their recollections about the night before they jumped

5.Dreaming Of The Beach – a girl fantasies about her father and performing in public at his command

6.Truth Or Dare – two college roommates play Truth or Dare. One tells the other about her encounter with her family dog

7.Our Names Are...- a follow on to My Name is.... The young girl meets the sister of the bouncer at the Lesbian club

8.Suprise – a joke about three dogs at the vets

9.Interview With A Shadow (Shady Lady Julie) - a fictional account of how my pen name came about. In this version it involves an investigative reporter and a dog

10.Missing – a woman searches for her lost lover and finds a couple at her flat

11.The Nurse – a chilling tale of an assassin who kills a young man as he takes his girlfriend's virginity

12.The Greatest Pleasure Is Knot What You Expected – 500 words on the pleasure of a woman being fucked by a dog as she is watched

13.You Never Know Why – 500 words on pain relating to the death of a lover

14.That Damn Song – a soldier is saved from certain death in Afghanistan and owes a debt of gratitude

15.Think Before You Break A Resolution – a man breaks his new year resolution to not watch gay porn and gets caught by his daughter

16.Some Secret Are Not What They Seem – a woman relives her younger days by taking her friend's dog for a walk. She relieves some of the sexual adventures she used to enjoy

17.You can't teach a dog new tricks... or can you? - a tale about magic an elf and a dog

18.Food – post Brexit UK is starving. This is how some natives dealt with their hunger

19.Forever Mine – a young man is obsseed with his female neighbour of his own age

20.What’s The Worst That Can Happen? - A lesbian from the west goes on a trip to India after losing her partner. She meets an Indian lesbian who has yet to come out

21.In The Beginning – a tongue in cheek look at the creation of the world if builders had been asked for a quote first

22.The Bouquet- the brides bouquet is thrown at a wedding. What goes through the guests minds as they wait for it to land

23.Dreaming Of The Silver Screen – a woman falls asleep in a cinema and wakes to find people can only talk in movie quotes unless they are having sex

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What a fun reading experience!

Reviewed it on March 28, 2024

I really like this book. Needless to say I am a little bit attached to the writer as I am on that self-same writing site from far far away. You cannot beat this book for variety. All the stories are really well written. What I really enjoy about this the most is that you get to see the authors insight into their own stories. I definitely have my favorites among your stories, but I will leave them to the reader to find their own. Thank you for a really enjoyable read!