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by Devon Layne

Published: 2024-02-15. 332,000 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-955874-76-2

Available as part of Photo Finish

Categories: Fiction » Historical » USA

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Photo Finish Book 6. Nate and his three girlfriends have graduated from college at last and prospects are good—except for the draft board insisting Nate still has to complete alternative service. But Nate's alternative service will be unlike any that has gone before. It leads him all over the world as he and Ronda visit embassies to install new passport cameras. And there are those in the world who don't care about diplomatic immunity as Nate is hijacked, kidnapped, and sent to the heart of the war zone. It's no wonder that his hair turns pre-maturely gray.

New jobs, new homes, new family members, and challenges college just didn't prepare them for. Can the unusual family face the challenges of the first three years of real "adult" life? Is love enough?

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Reviewed it on June 30, 2024

A fitting end to the Photo Finish series with a surprise twist or two at the end.


great conclusion...or is it?

Reviewed it on April 17, 2024

this has been a great series. I do hope someone pics up the thread so we learn about the accomplishments his kids are sure to have.


Wella written

Reviewed it on March 23, 2024

Very good


Nate grows up

Reviewed it on March 14, 2024

I've gotten more involved in this story than any of the others in the series. While the complexities of the relationships are interesting, setting part of the story in Vietnam brought back memories of my late adolescence and early adulthood. And having more than a passing acquaintance of Stratford, appreciated the references and settings.

thrilling conclusion to a great series

Reviewed it on February 27, 2024

loved it!!


What a story!

Reviewed it on February 22, 2024

Once I got the book, I could not put it down! Magnificent story development and build-up. Now have to find something else to do until we can have the next installment of Nate and his family’s adventures! Great job and please keep the Nate story alive!


Loved the entire series!!!!

Reviewed it on February 22, 2024

Loved the entire series!!!!


Great Read!

Reviewed it on February 21, 2024

To me, this was the most enjoyable installment of Photo Finish! The action and intrigue were exhilarating. I know the author seemed to close the chapter on Nate and family, but I would dearly like to see more. I think they have a lot more story to tell! Thank you so much for a wonderful series!


Read it and enjoy

Reviewed it on February 19, 2024

A truly well written story. Rich language giving insight to events thoughts and emotions in a most capturing way.


A perfect ending

Reviewed it on February 13, 2024

Thank you for your words.


Great story

Reviewed it on February 10, 2024

Great story loved it