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Across Eternity Book 4

by Hannibal North

Published: 2023-02-09. 139,474 Words.

ISBN: 9798360511700

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

After his gruesome victory over Prince Seraph, Noah now races to escape the nation of Uther with Valia Zodiac at his side, searching for her mad brother beyond the horizon. With knights on their tails and a bounty on Noah's head, the elf nation of Sylphtoria is their only hope for safety and answers. However, beneath the ancient trees, Noah finds no shortage of distrust from the elves, but if they wish to save their kingdom, they'll have to trust this stranger from another world or suffer the malicious will infecting their lands. To end his curse of eternity, and to find her lost brother, Noah and Valia will do whatever it takes, fighting side-by-side against whatever enemy destiny throws their way.

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