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Across Eternity Book 2

by Hannibal North

Published: 2021-02-02. 86,886 Words.

ISBN: 9798451418024

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

The trials of the dungeon crab are now behind him and Noah is on his way to attending the Utheric Knight Academy, that is, if he can navigate the perils of this strange new world. Beastly raiders, zealot assassins, and a festival of blood; everywhere he turns, there is a new battle waiting for him. But there are diamonds to be found in the rough, people and experiences that can offer him some meaning, and more important, answers. Be it his illusory powers or his endless reincarnations, he will gain the knowledge he seeks, no matter who he has to cut down in the process.

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Reviewed it on December 9, 2023