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Across Eternity Book 1

by Hannibal North

Published: 2020-01-25. 74,469 Words.

ISBN: 9798542730776

Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

For thousands of years, Noah has journeyed through the multiverse, forced to live and die in more than a hundred different realities and timelines. Exhausted by the highs and lows of human life, he struggles to search for meaning in an existence without end, but he may have found a sliver of hope. It is a world like no other, a world of magic. Now blessed with arcane powers, he must fight his way through monsters and mysticism to find the answers he seeks. Can he survive in a world with all new rules, or will he fall back into the cosmic maelstrom and continue his infinite journey?

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Great Premise but lacks depth

Reviewed it on December 9, 2023

This is a great read if only for the premise, but the writing is a tad inconsistent and uneven. We're told Noah is a multi verse immortal whose existence has lost all meaning, but his actions are wildly inconsistent and the story often leaps from point to point without delving into motivations, leaving you interested but frustrated at the lack of more understanding. Its a bit like ordering filet mignon but being served a lesser cut - still delicious but not totally satisfying.