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Modern Day Witch Hunt ~ Over with, we Hope! ~ cover Thumb

Modern Day Witch Hunt ~ Over with, we Hope! ~

by Ernest Bywater

Published: 2020-03-04. 50,900 Words.

Categories: Non-Fiction » Law » Civil rights

This is a true accounting, in a report format, of the abuse of office by a number of people, and how they cause trouble for people who dare to believe in things different to them. In this case they use the cry of 'Child Porn' to scare people into accepting what they want. The worst part of this is the government greatly changing the law but not publicly saying they did.


Social Inertia & Keyboards cover Thumb

Social Inertia & Keyboards

by Ernest Bywater

Published: 2011-11-01. 4,100 Words.

Categories: Non-Fiction » Computers & Internet » Social aspects / human-computer interaction

A historical accounting and perspective on how the past continues to shape some aspects of today, despite improved technology to make things better.


No Names - No Pack Drill cover Thumb

No Names - No Pack Drill

by Ernest Bywater

Published: 1989-11-01. 25,600 Words.

Categories: Non-Fiction » Biography » Military biography

This is a recounting of the activities of my father, a transport driver, and his friends in the Australian Army during World War 2 of the incidents and events they talked about over a drink when they got together to remember the old days.They convey what they did to stay sane, and also why they were there. It includes poetry, pictures, and drawings from that time.


Basic Math Notes cover Thumb

Basic Math Notes

by Ernest Bywater

Published: 2003-11-01. 8,400 Words.

Categories: Non-Fiction » Education & Study Guides » Study guides - Mathematics

This is a study help guide for students of general mathematics principles and processes with useful reminder sheets. It's for tutoring Years 1 to 6 or Grades 1 to 6.


Fiction Writing & Style Guide cover Thumb

Fiction Writing & Style Guide

by Ernest Bywater

Published: 2017-02-20. 42,200 Words.

Categories: Non-Fiction » Publishing » Self-publishing

This book\'s primary focus is on the writing of fiction stories with what you need to consider before you start to write and it covers the aspects of grammar where you need to vary from the grammar used in business or formal English. It includes instructions on how to make a good HTML file of the story and a good E-pub file for publication.