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Climbing the Ladder - Climbing Higher

by Michael Loucks

Published: 2023-11-15. 415,000 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Jonathan Kane is a man of his word, and his personal code dictates strict integrity to his family, friends, and everything else that impacts his life. He's not someone who would lead someone else on with false expectations, always trying to do the "right" thing even if it might distress someone in his circle by doing so, and prefers others be straight with him versus holding something important back. He's placed in an awkward position, hard, by his would-be girlfriend Bev when she reveals the real identity of Heather's father. The revelation pivots not just their relationship, but also affects others in his orbit in ways he never would have imagined. He's effectively forced into the uncomfortable position of continuing to protect Bev, while simultaneously causing harm to others, something he clearly struggles with.

While this does effectively end any chance of him marrying Bev in the future, it also means that suddenly, the proverbial field is much more open, and for a time, he does take advantage of this. Beyond personal relationships, he continues to build a solid reputation at Spurgeon Capital, successfully navigating them through some significant investment opportunities and outperforming expectations. As a result, he's able to safely purchase a larger home for himself, his existing housemates, and a few additional friends, in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. At his suggestion, Bianca is eventually brought on board at Spurgeon as a data analyst managing their burgeoning computerized reporting and analysis systems.

His professional life is rock solid, but his personal life begins transition to a new phase. Tiring of the endless parade of girls with whom he has no real connections with, he now focuses on the girls who might become a more permanent choice. While he and Bianca have agreed to raise a child together sans marriage, a slot is opening for a potential future Mrs. Jonathan Kane to slip herself into. Unfortunately, life, being as random and chaotic as it is, rears its ugly head and inserts some very unexpected complications. Will this chapter of Jonathan's life end with a happily ever after, or will complications abound and leave him back at square one? This, and more, as he continues his climb up the ladder.

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Reader Reviews


Easy reading

Reviewed it on January 1, 2024

Would like to have seen more on the business side and a little less on the sex side. But an overall well written story.


Riveting love story

Reviewed it on December 26, 2023

Excellent read, it has been a few years since I gave up sleep to read a good story.


great next step

Reviewed it on November 24, 2023

liked the book and series cant wait for the next one


EVIL Author!

Reviewed it on November 17, 2023

The author needs to be spanked and whipped with wet noodles! Very enjoyable read that ends on a cliffhanger. Thoroughly looking forward to the next book.


Excellent story

Reviewed it on November 17, 2023

A slow building story that climaxes with a proposal. An accurate depiction of trading wheeling and dealing.


Whats next ? book 3

Reviewed it on May 1, 2024

Very good and detailed like no other book by ML I have read.


Hard work and discipline pay dividends

Reviewed it on February 23, 2024

Very good story - well written and developed