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Man of Power trilogy 3

by Korben Hunter

Published: 2023-11-02. 217,628 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Contemporary

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Book 7
The fashion show is full of wannabe models and Vikas, the handsome, dominant ad agency CEO quickly becomes a VIP in their eyes. He was never too shy to take advance of such a situation. Things heat up fast and keep getting hotter.

Vikas had come to Delhi to bring Rhea to her fashion show but he finds that being the owner of an ad agency in a fashion show gives you special status. It doesn't hurt that he is a handsome, confident man who can charm the birds out of the trees anyway. There are many opportunities and when the girls themselves create the opportunities, Vikas is the man who would exploit each opportunity to the max.

Things keep moving on in Bombay as well and we get to see what the other characters are doing. There are some sexy, hot details to follow there and if you know Vikas you know how those things would heat up even more when he comes back from Delhi.

Book 8
Things are only getting hotter in Delhi. The girls that Vikas meets in the fashion show event are ambitious and smart. They know that success doesn't come just from hard work, they must be willing to spread their legs for the powerful men. They are more than happy to show Vikas that they are smart and willing.

Book 9
Vikas is back from Delhi and once again his focus is on expanding his business. He is planning to buy Crewing Partners and he is working on the alliance with a US modelling agency. But even as he works on the business, he doesn't stop breaking and conquering new beauties to add them to his collection.

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