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Bad Mommy

by INtrinSicliValud

Published: 2023-10-20. 38,502 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

Living a life of good booze and better weed, Mary Fisher is a loving wife and devoted mother. She’s also a MILF. And at a summer pool party becomes the reluctant plaything for two of her son’s best friends. But even as they have their way with her, she recalls her younger years. Soon, she becomes a willing participant, then seeks more.
Before long, Mary is involved in increasingly erotic encounters. When another mother uncovers her secret, Mary acts on shared fantasies. Among her son’s friends, one drives her mad with lust, another is a cold tormentor. Both tap deep-seated needs. Yet, time is relentless, and they’ll leave for college or move on with their own lives.
Even as she confesses, her husband Tom, no fool, admits he was aware. Together, they make a decision to both save their marriage and keep their fantasies alive.

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Great book!

Reviewed it on May 30, 2024