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Cast in Time Book 3: Count

by Ed & Carol Nelson

Published: 2023-08-31. 60,491 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-953395-85-6

Categories: Fiction » Alternative History

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: All Ages

An Engineer finds himself in an Alternate reality, Cornwall, in the year 715 A.D. He awakens in the body of a young Baron.
A retired Lieutenant General, former head of the Army Corp of Engineers, lies dying at the age of ninety-two. Leading a full life, he is a decorated veteran of World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam.
After a long illness, he lies dying. His last thought is, "What a waste of such wonderful knowledge."
As he fades to black, the fun begins. He is to build a modern civilization without being burned as a witch!
Now James faces King Ine of Western Wessex, its Saxons against the Britons. More complications face his county of Cornwall as it wealth comes to the notice of more Kingdoms.

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Cast in Time - Count (book 3)

Reviewed it on September 29, 2023

Very nice and a good read like book 1. I tried to buy book 2 but unfortunately I can find it. Didn't you publish this volume?


Reviewed it on September 25, 2023

Another good book.

Awesome alternative historical timeline series

Reviewed it on September 21, 2023

This series is a fun romp involving a reincarnated old man from the 21st century occupying the body of a medieval baron. Navigating politics and beliefs of the time while introducing new technologies, weaponry, tactics, philosophies and strategic planning. These books are a real fun read (I also highly recommend Ed's other books - all of them).

Very interesting use of opportunity

Reviewed it on September 21, 2023



Most excellent

Reviewed it on September 10, 2023

Really enjoying this story keep up the good work.

Excellent book

Reviewed it on September 6, 2023

All three series worth reading together

Production and management techniques are key

Reviewed it on September 5, 2023

Loved the practical approach. He's being driven to be the king of England at the least but with a string dash of real politics. Spelling needs a lot of work. Syntaxes suffers by the absence of definite articles among other items.

great writing

Reviewed it on September 2, 2023

Another great book from a great author


Another fun book.

Reviewed it on September 9, 2023

I really enjoy Ed's books.Since I am an engineer it's fun to see how the protagonist solves his challenges. My ancestors were from Cornwall so it is also fun to see Cornwall ruling the area.


Great linkage with cross supports of technology

Reviewed it on September 6, 2023

Some one needs to do a copy edit. A global edit for the word “new” and replace with “knew” with a human to validate would be good. Saw this several times. Possible over use of a spell-check program instead of an editor? Really like the variation of the threads in the story and it is not a copy paste repeat. Looking forward to the next book.