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Intemperance VI - Circles Entwine

by Al Steiner

Published: 2022-12-01. 946,954 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Literature

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

The sixth book in Al Steiner's Intemperance series that follows the members of the 1980s rock band Intemperance as they rise from the club scene to international fame and then acrimoniously break up and go their separate ways. A well-researched tale about the music industry and those involved in it, full of realistic portrayals of the lifestyle and debauchery of rock musicians. In this volume, we're now in the late 1990s and early 2000s and facing, among other things, the rise of the MP3 file.

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Reader Reviews


If you will keep writing, I’ll keep reading!!

Reviewed it on December 3, 2023

Again, it was excellent.


Great read and another cliffhanger!

Reviewed it on November 29, 2023

Very well written, great detail that is a very good read.


A sleep robber!

Reviewed it on November 1, 2023

Surely the best yet! … make that So far?thank you

loved it

Reviewed it on October 14, 2023

loved it


Damn, I hate you

Reviewed it on October 4, 2023

Your cliffhangers always get me wanting more. Love the progression and character developments of Jake and even Matt but I do hope Jake never loses his ability to sing after you shot him in the lungs. Been a fan for a long time, but missed out your works during the COVID season, otherwise I'd have more to look forward to then. Perhaps you can have a mailing list or something? I would like to join that and purchase the next book. Cheers!

Fantastic book!

Reviewed it on September 27, 2023

Awesome plot and flow. I especially like how past actions are referenced and explained. It's been a long time since I read the first couple! I needed the memory jog!


Another masterpiece

Reviewed it on September 19, 2023

Really enjoyable read and a great job of advancing the story. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment. This reader sincerely requests the author maintain his health and avoid engaging in any dangerous behaviors lest the literature production process be delayed.


An Excellent Read: Fun Adventures and Character Growth

Reviewed it on September 13, 2023

This book offered a bit of it all; concerts, album recording, new characters, and interpersonal interactions, business, and even some general goofiness. It also showed us the personal growth of pretty much every main character. Definitely worth the price of admission.


good stuff

Reviewed it on September 3, 2023

As good as the last bunch... What is coming next?


Still totally rocking it

Reviewed it on September 1, 2023

18 years ago I first started reading about a group of wanna-be rock stars. The years have flown by, and after a writing hiatus forced by the need to "get a REAL job" for a while, Al Steiner has come back to his writing with an incredible zeal, passion, and talent that is going from strength to strength. I have enjoyed each of the books in this series, and this one is an outstanding addition to this ongoing tale. Enjoy!



Reviewed it on August 29, 2023

The great thing about buying the book is not waiting between releases on SOL. The bad thing is now having to wait longer for the next book in the series. This series keeps getting better and better but this cliffhanger is the worst. Great job Mr. Steiner!



Reviewed it on August 28, 2023

unexpected but to be expected


Always leave them Wanting More!

Reviewed it on August 27, 2023

Excellent book! Looking forward to the next one already! A pleasure to purchase a book that was worth every penny and support a deserving author! AJS

Series keeps getting better

Reviewed it on August 27, 2023

Non-spoiler review. I just finished the book. I've read the entire series, multiple times all but this latest addition. This book keeps most of characters, adds some new, interesting online. They have personalities and quirks -- they are not merely cardboard cutouts used as backdrop. The plot, gosh, there's a certain amount of "more of the same", example, extended music tour with many details. There are also pleasing new twists and turns, including surprises. It ends with a double-cliffhanger. Now I'll be on the edge of my seat for months or a year, to find out what happens next. Thanks Al Steiner for a very enjoyable read. Well worth the $9 or so I paid. Please write the next one soon!


just wow

Reviewed it on August 26, 2023

just a great read, if you have been following his Intemperance stories this one is a must buy.