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Showering With Sister

by Lubrican

Published: 2023-07-13. 62,665 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance » New adult

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

Bobby just needed to pee, and his sister was in the shower. So he snuck in and sat down to do things quietly. That made him face the shower door, which was that wavy glass kind of thing. Her form was indistinct, but it was obvious she was naked and that set him to thinking about things he'd never contemplated before. So he did it again, and then a whole bunch of times. It morphed into him having erections and then actually relieving himself as he stared at that shower door. Then one time, while HE was in the shower, she came in and sat on the toilet. He found out that if the glass was wet on the inside, it was perfectly clear. He could see her looking at him. And he realized she'd seen everything he'd done. That was when things started getting weirder. And it didn't stop being weird for the next decade.

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Another but different Bob story

Reviewed it on May 30, 2024

If the apocalypse comes this farm could be self-sustaining and repopulate the world!


sibling love.

Reviewed it on September 20, 2023

This is book I loved and couldn't find later. Now I know here it is. Only 1/2 of abook. Excellent story Enjoy!


Showering With Sister

Reviewed it on July 16, 2023