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A Tale of Two Nannies

by Lubrican

Published: 2023-07-11. 72,314 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance » New adult

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

When Bob's wife died in childbirth, he needed help with the baby. He needed a nannie. As an English professor, he couldn't really afford that. A little creative thinking solved the problem. He could offer room and board, and a little spending money, which appealed to one freshman girl. The only rub then was that they both had classes. It took two nannies to make things work. Another girl took the same deal. One nannie knew a trick to get a baby to stop crying. She offered it a real nipple. If only that nipple could actually make milk. Turns out, it can. And when the nannie is that intimate with the baby, it's pretty difficult to avoid being intimate with its father, too. Come along as two newly adult young women learn important lessons in life, love and happiness, while Bob finds both help and new love(s) after his loss.

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Love grows from a common thread.

Reviewed it on October 13, 2023

Subject may be a little hackneyed but well played.


You cannot deny the Diné....

Reviewed it on July 19, 2023

Or is that a spoiler?
An elegant resolution!


A Tale of Two Nannies

Reviewed it on July 11, 2023