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Phantom Child book 6

by George H. McVey

Published: 2017-11-16. 39,924 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

Deborah Begley is beside herself. She’s pregnant from a one-night stand. Her father, Reverend Begley, is convinced the child’s father is Heath Gladstone whom he forbade her to see six months ago. Now, finding out she’s pregnant, he tosses her out on the street in November in nothing but the thin pajamas she’s wearing. What’s a girl to do? No house, a baby daddy who won’t even acknowledge the child is his, no clothes, and the temperature is dropping as fast as the sun. She feels lost and abandoned. Doesn’t anyone want her and her baby?

Heath Gladstone feels lost. Ever since Reverend Begley attacked his cousin, his dad hasn’t allowed him to hang out with Deborah Gladstone. They weren’t in love but dating over the last four years had made them friends. Now, his dad called accusing him of getting Deborah pregnant and demanding he do “the right thing” and marry her. No one will believe that the child isn’t his. What’s a guy to do? When he hears Begley kicked her out, he sets out to help his friend. Can love grow out of friendship and a feeling of obligation to help?

Can a young woman who feels unwanted and a young man who feels the pressures of family and obligations make good parents? Can they find love? And, when the worst happens and lives are threatened can the ghost of Grandpa Harold save the day, or is it too late for the Phantom Child?

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I couldn't stop reading this

Reviewed it on September 1, 2023

Yet another great pert of a marvellous story line I have enjoyed all parts of this and hopefully there will be more to come in the near future