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False Signs (John Taylor #2)

by Travis Starnes

Published: . 54,735 Words.

ISBN: 9780996866859

Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense

Format: EPUB   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 13

Death in Small Town America

Retired Special Forces Sergeant John Taylor is hiding from the world.  Still dealing with his captivity by terrorists and a near fatal collaboration with Federal law enforcement, Taylor has sworn off any future heroics. A call from a friend inside the FBI and the pleas of a desperate mother force Taylor to change his mind and end his self-imposed exile. A National Guard armory has been destroyed in west Texas, and all eyes have turned to a possible terrorist attack by a missing corporal.

The agents in charge of the investigation refuse to listen to claims of innocence by the soldier’s mother, forcing her to turn to Taylor and hope his first-hand experience with terrorists and past success with the Bureau can help clear her son’s name. Granted access to the case but saddled with a beautiful yet stern Bureau baby-sitter, Taylor runs head first into the FBI’s refusal to look beyond their preferred theory of the crime.

As he digs up clues of a frame-up and hints of a much more sinister motive behind the explosion, Taylor races to stop a dark conspiracy hiding in small-town America.

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Well written

Reviewed it on April 3, 2022

As the heading says, it is a well written tale. The characters are believable and there is a compelling story line. Enjoy!