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Man of Power 9: Conquering Hearts and Empires

by Korben Hunter

Published: 2023-05-26. 67,912 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Contemporary

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

This is the ninth book in this series. After the interlude in Delhi, now Vikas is back at his business in Bombay and must pay attention to the expansion plans both in India and the association with the US agency. Being the expert businessman he is, he deals with things in his inimitable style and as usual does a great job of mixing business with pleasure.

A quick recap for this series. In the first book Vikas meets Kajal, their romance grows and they get married. Vikas also takes control of his mother-in-law - Sonali. After his marriage with Kajal, Vikas takes her and her family on their honeymoon as a family trip.

The second book covers their journey on the honeymoon during which they travel to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. They also take a cruise in those parts. On this journey, we find that Kajal enjoys it when Vikas claims pretty girls and tells her about it.

In the third book, Vikas and the rest of the family are back in Bombay and everybody goes back to their business. We meet a few more characters as Vikas continues to run and expand his business. His circle of influence grows and he conquers new beauties.

In the fourth book, Vikas has many opportunities where he meets beautiful women in his office, in his business sphere and in commercial alliances. He exploits these opportunities in his unique masterful style.

In the fifth book, Vikas works on expanding his business but also takes possession of some stunningly beautiful women, some as models but others in his business circle.

In the sixth book, Vikas is travelling to Delhi with Rhea for her fashion show. This book covers that journey and part of his first day in Delhi. You meet some of his old friends and some new ones that he makes because you know, Vikas is Vikas.

In the seventh book, Vikas was very much involved in the fashion show and although he had not come for that, he does have a lot of fun there. The fashion show is full of sexy, gorgeous girls who are not shy and do not mind mixing with a handsome ad-agency owner on a social level. When the seventh book ended Rhea had just won the first prize for her dress in the fashion show.

In the eighth book Vikas is still in Delhi with Rhea and the events of the fashion show are unfolding. When we last saw Rhea, she had just won the first prize in the fashion show. The story carries on in this book and follows Vikas and Rhea’s weekend. Toward the end of the book they return to Bombay, so you can rest assured that the story will continue as normal in the next book.

The other books are also available on the same platforms as this book. The first six books are also available as two trilogy bundles.

This is the most popular series and as a result it has had some spin-off's based on the main premise. These are:
Flying High - 2 books
Angel Face - 1 book
Tammy Story - 1 book
Inviting Trouble - 1 book
Family Matters – 1 book

All characters in this book are adult. All sexual situations are consensual.

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