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Cloned Chaos, Abraham Project, Book #2

by Lynn Donovan

Published: 2023-05-25. 96,375 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction » Space opera

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

Molly Jacobsen-Abraham has a perfect life. Married to Dr. Deuce Abraham, pregnant with their first child, and her parents and twin sister are days away from Omicron. Everything seems perfect, yet she can’t shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong. When her family’s transport is destroyed and the survivors mysteriously continue to die, it’s obvious the Pirates are back. But the real test of her faith comes when she learns her baby has a life-threatening birth defect and the Pirates have a cure. Will she make a deal with the pirate she’s already killed once, or will she trust God for a miracle?

After thirteen years Kita Jacobsen is returning to Omicron. She’s risking everything, including her life, to undergo this third cryogenic stasis. But the rewards are worth it. She‘ll confront her twin sister who betrayed her trust, retrieve her stolen child, and live the life she has always dreamed. Will a series of mysterious disasters take it all away before she gets the happy ending she thinks she deserves?

Omicron’s leader, Lily Lupus, must stop the pirates from attacking. She also must keep the peace between the world’s splintering factions and raise her thirteen-year-old son. Will a mysterious stranger who is trying to kill the Jacobsen family succeed in creating Cloned Chaos?

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