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Wilder Mission

by George H. McVey

Published: 2021-10-28. 55,918 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13


Jaelyn Bench runs from an abusive relationship with only one thing on her mind: find her brother’s old army buddy Ace Wilder. Her brother told her if she was ever in trouble to go to Ace and tell him to cowboy up! She never expected to find the hottest cowboy in Montana answering her plea.

Former Green Beret and Delta Force Commander Ace Wilder is back home after ten years of Active duty. Now his days are filled with overseeing his family’s ranch, known as Wilder Ranch. With a case of PTSD that he's kept hidden, he needs something more. The Ranch keeps him busy during the day, but his nights are filled with dreams of the terror he faced in the service. He needs a mission.

When his old buddy’s little sister winds up in his barn beaten half to death, Ace has his new mission. Protect Jaelyn Bench from the crazy ex-boyfriend. Well, Ace is well equipped for that mission with the help of some old friends. What he's not equipped for are the feelings Jaelyn stirs in his heart and other places.

Can these two overcome the danger chasing Jaelyn to find love in each other’s arms? Or is the darkness in both their lives too much for love to overcome? Ace has faced dangerous men before, but never a man like Jaelyn’s ex. He wanted a new mission now he found one and, boy, is it "A WILDER MISSION"

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definitely one for the library

Reviewed it on May 26, 2023

every so often you come across a book you can't put down, this is one such book. Helpfully the author has given us a pointer to some more I will be looking at them and also any books by this author.
many thanks for your work.


Damn fine story

Reviewed it on May 25, 2023

Great story. Good wins against evil


Good until the end

Reviewed it on June 5, 2023

I really enjoyed the story up to the very end where I felt it ended suddenly. There were a few loose threads left in my mind like Gray Wolf and Amber, or Little brother and the bartende. If you decide to continue this as a series then I could see the sudden ending.


Cowboys, corruption and Delta Force.

Reviewed it on June 1, 2023

Interesting story line. We know Montana. So now, after Jan 6, does most of the country.

The setting is a refreshing change from the overplayed street grime, racial wokeness and urban drug-immigration-police circus. Those situations and characters are getting frayed and besides Netflix has access to CG explosions to keep our interest.

I wish there had been time to demonstrate, not just enumerate, ranch skills, smell the atmosphere of the wide-open spaces and to gear up with gators and horses to catch the bad guys. Make the ranch a character in the story.

These Montana characters seem to lead authentic American lives. We hear that there are gripping multigenerational stories, fit for video embellishment. The story line and back story build as we are introduced to more characters and their risks becomes intense.

The resolution from act three to the end seems rushed and contrived a bit. A lot of pages are used developing the conflicts that make the characters multidimensional only to have them brushed aside to end the story over a few short hours of fantastical Delta Force aerobics.

Good work overall. I am looking forward to reading coming installments.


This book is well worth the read !

Reviewed it on June 1, 2023

I thought the book was well written the composition was appropriate to the needs. However, I felt that the character development could’ve been continued with greater insight into what made them what they are and their ability to respond to trauma and stress.. This book is recommended for anyone who likes a well constructive storyline that is well told.